Pitching a Tent for Silverlight

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silverlightDevCamp_3 Don’t forget the SilverlightDevCamp is coming to Chicago this weekend. Everything kicks off tomorrow night at 7PM at 1 North Franklin, Suite 3000, Chicago, IL with an opening night mixer and Silverlight application brainstorming session. Things kick into high gear on Saturday with a number of great sessions already lined up and a bunch of Silverlight goodness.

I want to try something at this devcamp and we’ll have to see how it plays out, but hears what I’m thinking. Throughout the camp, all of the campers will be receiving great information and ideas on building Silverlight applications. What I’d like to see is what can someone build in day. The idea is to hold a demo showcase for campers to demonstrate the applications they came up with. It might not be the prettiest application but maybe it’s the most functional. Or… maybe there’s no real substance to it, but DAMN, it looks hot! That will be up the voting campers. And get this… I’ll provide a pass for the winning demo to the upcoming Mix conference in Vegas. How does that sound?!?

I may change up the rules a bit and not a do a vote based on the day, but give the campers some time to put some fit & finish on they’re application and then have an open vote online; say 2 weeks after camp closes. I’ll get everyone’s input and we’ll make a decision on Saturday.

With that, though, bring your ideas to SilverlightDevCamp in Chicago this weekend.

I’d also like to personally invite anyone who’s attending Adobe Max to come join us for some RIA fun as well.


Before you pitch your tent at the SilverlightDevCamp, you may want to have a quick gander at these learning resources:

Get Started with Silveright

Silverlight Quickstarts

Silverlight Training Videos

Microsoft Expression Knowledge Center


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  • http://ikbc.com Gregg Scott

    I just became aware of Silverlight and am awed. I would like to encorporate this into my personal website. Based on the presentation on my personal website this would launch other sites with higher budgets. Also I would like to see how easy it is to learn to do it myself at some level. I’m very interested. Please contact me. I work not far from your location around the Trump Tower. Thank you very much in advance!


    Gregg Scott