Make Web Not War

We iz upz in ur signz by rdohmsI had the opportunity to present a talk at one of the local PHP meetup groups in Chicago. The title of this particular talk is – Make Web Not War. This is a slogan that the Microsoft Web Platform team has adopted as a kind of statement to show how we feel about the so-called technology religous wars (“my software/language/technology is better than yours”). It’s not about the language, the framework or the tools. It’s about the Platform and what that platform can provide to solve your needs.

There have been several teams at Microsoft who have done great things to get “other” technologies to run better on top of the Microsoft Platform. Unfortunately, not many people, especially those outside of the Microsoft community, are aware of the changes taking place to get these technologies to interoperate with Microsoft Platform.

That’s where part of my job, as a Developer Evangelist, is to participate in these technology communities to share the progress of the work we’re making to give developers more opportunities to expand their skill sets and take advantage of a platform that may have not had an opportunity (or reason) in the past. All the while hopefully educating, sharing direction, guidance and a showing off a cool thing or two.

In this particular instance, I had the opportunity to join the Suburban Chicago PHP meetup and discuss some of the work various teams at Microsoft have been contributing to make PHP run better on Windows. Some of the talking points included…

It’s great to see the amount of work that has been done in such a short amount of time to make the Microsoft Web Platform the best platform to run your PHP applications on.

As an added bonus (and a promise to the meetup group) here are the slides from my presentation on Make Web Not War…

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