Bringing Unity Games to Windows Phone with FFWD

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Unity is a very popular game development tool that takes a lot of the difficulty out of building a game and allows you to focus on the creation of the game itself. One of the reasons Unity is so popular, other than it’s ease of use (compared to the alternatives), but it’s broad support of multiple platforms to run your games on, including all major browsers, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, iOS, and Android.

One blatant omission (in my opinion) on the supported platform list is: Windows Phone.

PressPlay is a studio based in Denmark that has published some very familiar titles such as Max and the Magic Marker and Tentacles. Both of these titles were built using Unity. Both of these titles are in the Windows Phone Marketplace. But how?

Max & the Magic Marker                            Tentacles

The bright minds over at PressPlay saw a need and decided to take action to fill it. They built a toolset to convert Unity games to run on Windows Phone.

What we have done is to recreate a version of the Unity framework within XNA. This allows us to build and design the game within Unity and build it in XNA and eventually play it on our Windows Phone. For a Unity centered studio like ours, it has been great because it has allowed us to maintain our usual workflow within Unity.

Through the generosity of PressPlay and giving back to the community, they have decided to open source this toolset called FFWD (Fast Forward). You can find the project over on GitHub under two repositories: FFWD (the toolset) and FFWD-Templates (template for porting your game). These projects are being maintained by Thomas Gravgaard of PressPlay.

Of course not everything you’re able to do in Unity will be able to be ported over to XNA with FFWD, however Thomas is feverishly adding updates with new support on a regular basis. FFWD may not get you 100% of the way there, but it certainly helps Unity game developers get to Windows Phone quicker.

Now get to it!


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