Announcing Windows Azure Media Services

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Today, at the National Association of Broadcasters show, Microsoft announced the Windows Azure Media Services.

From the Windows Azure Blog

Windows Azure Media Services simplifies the creation, management, and delivery of media to almost any device including Microsoft Xbox, Windows Phone handsets and Windows PCs, as well as non-Microsoft platforms such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Media Services Architecture


Windows Azure Media Services offers a number of services that provide the capability for fast ingestion, encoding, format-conversion, storage, content protection, and streaming of both live and on-demand content. What’s particularly interesting about Windows Azure Media Services is the capability to serve up media across the many different platform sets we see in every day usage. From your Windows Phone to your iPad to your Xbox to your set-top box. The challenge for content providers is hitting the several different formats required for the multitude of devices in the market. With Windows Azure Media Services, the encoding slice of the workflow process allows producers to stream through formats including Smooth Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Flash Media Streaming.

Imagine a video content producer having the capability to take advantage of the mass storage that Azure provides in addition to being able to manage their production and delivery workflow that covers the majority (it not all) of their primary delivery targets; allowing them to reach more customers with minimal effort and cost.

And for the developer crowd, these services are exposed through HTTP REST API, giving you’re the opportunity to build your own custom solution using the features of Windows Azure Media Services.

You can learn more about Windows Azure Media Services at and developers can learn more about the API at the Windows Azure Media Dev Center.

You can also find additional details on the announcement over on Scott Guthrie’s blog.

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