More market opportunities for your Windows Phone App and some changes to the Marketplace


Todd Brix recently highlighted some changes that developers and publishers need to be aware of with their apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

First, We now have 63 markets for you to publish your app in.  63!!! As the publisher, make sure you login to the AppHub and update the countries for which you would like your app(s) to be published in. AppHub will not do this automatically. It’s important that you keep an eye on when new Marketplaces open up so you can take advantage of this new markets and get your app out to more customers; equating, hopefully, to more revenue for you!

Second, the Zune desktop software will no longer offer the ability to browse and download apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace. This effects anyone who has a deep link posted somewhere that is pointing to the wrong service (zune://). Be sure to update your links with the correct format:{YOUR APP GUID}

You can find more information on deep links on MSDN.

In addition, Todd outlines some changes the team is making to the Marketplace publishing policies to help keep up the quality bar of the Windows Phone Marketplace. These include:

  • Avoid Trademarks: essentially if you don’t own a trademark, secure permission to use a trademark, or use a trademark name (not logo) to describe your app’s feature or functionality without suggesting the app is published by the trademark holder than don’t use do it.
  • Raising the Quality Bar with Application Titles: if you publish multiple apps with the same common theme (ie. regional news, city guides, etc), be sure your application tile is unique across the apps to highlight the features of each individual app. A good rule of thumb to follow is to make sure your tile is 80% unique. You can use the remaining 20% to highlight your branding.

    image VS. image

  • Keywords: the marketplace team is going to start enforcing the 5 keyword limit for each app. Keywords can be a single word or phrase (surrounded by quotes) and comma-separated. Any app violating the 5 keyword limit will have ALL of it’s keywords removed. Also, some apps are using keywords for popular search terms that are unrelated to their app. If this is encountered, that keyword will be removed.
  • Content policy enforcement: there are some apps, some of which my wife and kids have encountered, that are of “questionable material”. Its difficult to enforce these types of things as some customers will view certain material as entertainment whereas others will view it as inappropriate. However, the Marketplace does have clear content policies defined and each publisher should make sure they understand those policies. Especially if you would like your app to reach into some of our additional new markets.

It’s your duty as a publisher to stay on top of the Windows Phone Developer Blog for any changes and announcements to help you be more successful in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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  • Jason Carter

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the guidance here, all great stuff. In regards to keywords and phrases, is it 5 keywords or 5 phrases that is allowed?

    one, two, “three four”, five
    one, two, “three four”, five, “six seven”


  • davebost

    Phrases in quotes count as 1 keyword. Your second line is valid.