MonoGame Brings Your XNA Games to WinRT

August 31st, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

MonoGame  - Write Once, Play EverywhereMonoGame is an open source project led by the community that will allow XNA games to run within the Windows 8 WinRT system. Essentially all of the XNA API’s you already know and use to build your game titles are available in MonoGame. An added bonus to MonoGame is that you can use MonoGame to port your XNA titles to multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Linux and of course, Windows 8. The power of XNA is that it wraps up the complex DirectX API’s in managed code and greatly simplifies building games while still being able to take advantage of the power of DirectX. MonoGame uses another open source project called SharpDX which provides a managed layer to these DirextX API’s in Windows 8.

There are already games available in the Windows 8 store that took advantage of MonoGame to port their titles over to Windows 8. One of the more popular titles is Armed by SickHead Games.


If you want to find out how to get up and running with MonoGame on Windows 8, check out Bob Familiar’s blog series on Windows 8 and MonoGame.