Find Windows 8 Apps with App Enthusiasts

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imageAre you a developer yearning for ideas and inspiration for an app to build for Windows 8? Do you want to download, test, and review apps written by your peers? If you so, you need to download App Enthusiasts for Windows 8!

App Enthusiasts is a curated collection of Apps, updated monthly, that showcases the talents of Students, Developers and Companies in your area. It can filter apps by region, country, state and even City! App Enthusiasts can also keep track of the apps you’ve seen across devices!

App Enthusiasts is a tool our team uses to help promote some of the developers we work with on a day to day basis. It’s an opportunity for us to highlight the work your peers are doing while at the same time getting their apps in front of everyone in the hopes that you will download and review their apps.

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The showcase apps change monthly. This provides a great way to learn about new apps your peers are submitting to the store, so be sure to check App Enthusiasts often. If you would like to have your app highlighted in App Enthusiasts, please submit your nomination to

The Windows 8 Developer community is only as strong as its members. Please help one another. Download each other’s apps. Provide detailed and helpful feedback. Motivate each other to do great work. Be an inspiration to one another.

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