Today was my last day at Microsoft

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Today was my last day at Microsoft. It was a great 8-year run. My job as a Technical Evangelist had me traveling all over to meet with software developers to help them understand how to build great software solutions on the Microsoft platform, or to listen to their feedback about Microsoft’s products and relay that back to the product teams. I met some amazing people along the way and made countless new friends. It was the greatest job ever! I was always very proud to say I work at Microsoft. Fortunately, I was presented with an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

As a really good friend shared with me, “I’m kind of tired of always talking about it, I want to go back to doing it.” That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I decided it was time to go back and do it!

Tomorrow I start a new journey as the CTO of KeyLimeTie. I will be working with the talented folks at KeyLimeTie to build bleeding-edge web and mobile applications. In addition, I’ll be helping drive the engineering efforts for MojoBistro. MojoBistro is a self-service app production tool for Restaurants to actively engage with their loyal customers and extend their reach into the Social web.

The last 8-years was a tremendous learning experience for me. If you are contemplating an opportunity to go work for Microsoft – do it! You will have the chance of a lifetime to work alongside hard-working, super-smart, talented people.  There’s so much to learn and experience with a company like Microsoft. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

I do truly believe Microsoft is on an upward trajectory and I will be rooting on their success from the sidelines. 

Good luck to you all!

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  • Eric Olsson

    Congrats, Dave! All the best in your new gig.

  • mattstratton

    Congrats, Dave! I knew about this but only saw the post now. You’ll be missed.